Web development

We have everything you need to develop your website!

  1. Backend development: PHP 7, NodeJs, Go, MySQL, MongoDb, Redis, Sphinx Search, RabbitMQ
  2. Frontend development: JQuery, ExtJs, Vue.js, React, Bootstrap
  3. Version control systems: Git and Subversion
  4. Integration with API: payment systems, social media, maps (Google and Yandex) etc.

Our team will help you bring to life even the most complicated projects at the first attempt with minimum number of edits. With us you will get your project accurately done by the reasonable deadline (we do our best to precisely estimate amount of work and time needed to do it).

Why is our team the best?

Our work ethics is based on the serious approach to every and each project. We take very seriously the first stage of work - architecture planning. Then we write detailed Technical assignment and develop your project strictly according to it. Estimate reasonable deadlines and always follow them. Our team offers all-inclusive services in web design, web development and mobile development.

Attractive design

Your project will look its best on any device or gadget.

Approach tailored to individual needs

Every project is estimated and approached individually. Our professional team does not use any templates, only custom-made development solutions and design.

Tidy code

Our developers write tidy and accurate code. And that means your project is developed correctly taking into account all cutting-edge trends and latest solutions.

Supporting documentation

On client’s request we can provide complete user documentation and technical documentation for the project

Support of your project

Your project developed according to the agreed Technical assignment will get complex support from our team. We will help you with any problems with your project, upgrade it upon request and support your project for as long as needed. Our goal is to have long-term and effective cooperation with our clients!

Call us or write to us right now and order a project of any complexity.

Our portfolio of successful projects

On our website you can see a partial list of successful projects made by our professional team. Our projects speak for themselves and are indication of our specialists’ expertise and experience.

Cost of our services

Every project is developed from scratch that’s why we always estimate the cost individually. The total price consists of number of services that were requested and Technical assignment. All details and conditions are included in the Agreement.

High-quality projects for any kind of business

  1. Custom-made e-commerce solutions. Complex projects including non-centralized systems that control several shops developed on various platforms and with various languages: online shops, desktop apps, mobile apps, self-service terminals.
  2. Cryptocurrency startups. Development of combined projects to make profit on cryptocurrency marketplace and exchange markets.
  3. Corporate web-systems. Fast and easy interaction with inner work flow, accounting, branches etc.
  4. Unique projects for your business. In our portfolio we have tracking system of auto transportation that helps you to find current location of every transport on the map and see its itinerary.

Our web development services will help your business to be successful in any area of work.